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FTN GSM-Rprojects

The Fixed Telecoms Network has been designed to meet all Network Rail’s existing operational, business
and IT needs and also to allow for the support of the GSM-R system and future expansion of the IT systems.
It will provide a telecommunications network with sufficient features and performance to allow it to:

a) Support the GSM-R national program;

b) Support all existing operational, business & IT circuits;

c) Allow Network Rail direct management control through a national control centre;

d) Migrate circuits from the existing arrangements to the new network;

e) Provide a dedicated Network Rail internal telephone system.

Jensen Projects has worked on the FTN contract for McNicholas Construction Services, Telent, Skanska
and BAM Nuttall Ltd.
We can provide a full turnkey solution to all FTN/GSMR installations.
Projects already completed within our scope include migration works on CA3, CA6, CA10, CA5, CA7,
and the Cambrians. We have also completed large sections of Routeworks, and assisted on over 30
tunnel solutions in particular at the Severn Tunnel where we provided the Fibre & RF workforce
throughout the entire project.
We have worked all over UK on this project and would be highly recommended to complete a quality
installation to the specified timescale.

Mobile Solutions

Jensen Projects Ltd are currently involved with some of the largest In-Building wireless system projects
in the UK. We have been working with on a variety of projects since January 2011 on main line train stations
such as Manchester Piccadilly, Euston, Waterloo Station and Fenchurch Street as well as large scale office
premises and sports venues.
These projects have been installing and testing fibre, RF cables and Antennas in complex environments at
high level to improve the existing communications network for a major mobile phone provider.